servizio logistica automatizzata

Automated Logistics Center

Aer Group has developed a technologically advanced logistic center, with completely automated and computerized product management, which tracks the movement of all products in real time. With two automated warehouses, one in Slovenia and one in Croatia, our trained staff easily manages the inventory and collects, packs and dispatches all products within 24 hours.

Product shipment within 24 hours and international shipping are guaranteed when using Aer Group services.

The key points of our logistics

This is just one of our services to help you grow

All our services easily accessible: not only the highly automated logistics, but also a structured network of sales agents, an up-to-date e-commerce website services, dropshipping, tax deposit services, production and pre / post sales customer support. We would not be able to achieve all this if not for our simple, but innovative digital system.

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